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July 2019

Yoga for BJJ


There are countless warm ups, exercises and stretches that BJJ enthusiasts employ off the mats as a means to better prepare themselves for rolling.  But yoga has been increasing in popularity among Jiu-Jitsu practitioners recently and perhaps for good cause.   Yoga compliments BJJ with so many forms that can help stretch muscles and prepare the [...]

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Technique of the Week – North South Armwrap Choke


In this week's Technique of the Week, Master Marcus demonstrates a powerful choke from North South position   INTERESTED IN LEARNING THIS TECHNIQUE FROM MASTER MARCUS, CANADA’S MOST EXPERIENCED BLACK BELT BJJ MASTER?  CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL!

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Keep Your Partner’s Noses Clear…


One of the most essential things for Jiu Jitsu is a clean Gi. A bulky, tough material; often absorbing sweat. Ever had a partner that left a pungent wake? Most definitely they forgot to wash their Gi after last class, left their Gi in their gym bag overnight! Or perhaps a newbie didn’t know when [...]

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My Hero, Master Marcus Soares – An Essay by Ben Paquette


Benjamin Paquette, an eleven year old student to Scheer Martial Arts, owned by Troy Scheer. Troy Scheer, one of Master Marcus’ affiliates in Saskatoon, Canada. Benjamin was asked to write an essay about his hero, he decided to dedicate his essay to Marcus Soares. Benjamin visited our Yaletown school in Vancouver, BC during January 2019. [...]

My Hero, Master Marcus Soares – An Essay by Ben Paquette2019-07-03T15:44:53+00:00

June 2019

Student in the Spotlight – James Mackenzie – Gold in Japan!


Here is a post from our own James Mackenzie on his recent results at the IBJJF Japan International Open, where he took home GOLD as well as 2 SILVERS!  James has been training under Master Marcus since 2004, and trains out of out of the Langley school.  His inspiring wins are a great example of the [...]

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Move of the Week – June 10, 2019


Here's a video of Master Marcus demonstrating a simple guard pass.  Note the importance of turning your partners hip to weaken his guard before attempting to pass.   Interested in learning this technique from Master Marcus, Canada's most experienced Black Belt BJJ Master?  Contact us today for your FREE TRIAL!

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January 2019

December 2018

Top Seminar 2018 – A White Belt in Rio


Top Seminar 2018 Day 1 Participants   What an amazing experience I had at the 2018 Top Seminar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!  Jealous? Well, you should be because this was the Seminar to end all seminars, hosted by 5 of the world’s greatest Mestres and joined by dozens of top notch students, [...]

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