Marcus Soares BJJ Academy Testimonials

Check out what people are saying about Marcus Soares BJJ Academy! We feel so fortunate to have such loyal students, all of whom are a part of our family. Whether training for fun, or for competition, Gi or No-Gi, from white to black belts, kids and adults, our students know they are getting the best […]

Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Perfect Sport for Kids?

There are a plethora of sports and other fitness options for children, and parents often ask, ‘what is the best choice for my child?’.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu may not be on the top of the list, but  perhaps it should be.  There are some incredible benefits for children that parents should consider when choosing the right […]

Yoga for BJJ

There are countless warm ups, exercises and stretches that BJJ enthusiasts employ off the mats as a means to better prepare themselves for rolling.  But yoga has been increasing in popularity among Jiu-Jitsu practitioners recently and perhaps for good cause.   Yoga compliments BJJ with so many forms that can help stretch muscles and prepare the […]

Student in the Spotlight – James Mackenzie – Gold in Japan!

Here is a post from our own James Mackenzie on his recent results at the IBJJF Japan International Open, where he took home GOLD as well as 2 SILVERS!  James has been training under Master Marcus since 2004, and trains out of out of the Langley school.  His inspiring wins are a great example of the […]

Top Seminar 2018 – A White Belt in Rio

What an amazing experience I had at the 2018 Top Seminar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!  Jealous? Well, you should be because this was the Seminar to end all seminars, hosted by 5 of the world’s greatest Mestres and joined by dozens of top notch students, all of whom were gathered to learn techniques and […]