There are countless warm ups, exercises and stretches that BJJ enthusiasts employ off the mats as a means to better prepare themselves for rolling.  But yoga has been increasing in popularity among Jiu-Jitsu practitioners recently and perhaps for good cause.   Yoga compliments BJJ with so many forms that can help stretch muscles and prepare the body for the inevitable stress that comes with rolling.

Yoga is exceptional at improving balance, and perhaps more importantly flexibility, an attribute that is of course hugely beneficial in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  And of course Yoga is infamous for its focus on ‘core strength’ training, and employing just a few yoga ‘asanas’ can improve your top game by making it harder to be swept.

But breathing is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of Yoga for BJJ.  Murilo Bustamante, one of the Top Five Seminar masters (along with our own Master Soares, and Masters Fernando Pinduka, Marcio dos Santos, and Amaury Bitetti), talks about the benefits of Yoga not just for the stretches, but for the methodical breathing and mental discipline it gives him before a competition.  Check out his thoughts in the video below!

“Yoga breathing helped me a lot at competition time, to warm up and get rid of the adrenaline” – Murilo Bustamante, Top Five Seminar Master



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