5 BJJ Techniques to Teach Kids for Self-Defense Against Bullies

The prevalence of bullying among children is becoming a global issue. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has become a popular form of self-defence for kids, equipping them with the skills to handle difficult situations. In this article, the need for teaching BJJ self-defence techniques to kids is explored, as well as key principles of self-defence and five of the most effective techniques to teach kids to defend themselves against bullies. Let’s get started.

1. Standing Up in Base

Self-defence is an important skill, and one way to ensure your kids are prepared is to teach them how to stand up from the ground. This will give them the advantage when faced with an attack, allowing them to react quickly and aggressively. It can also be used to fend off their opponent while scrambling. Teaching your children this tactic will equip them with the necessary tools to protect themselves in any situation.

2. Positions

As a parent, teaching your children the importance of the different positions in the sport is essential. These positions can give them an advantage in self-defence, particularly against an opponent who is bullying them. 

You should show them how to master the mount, side control, rear mount, and turtle positions so that they can gain an advantage over their opponents quickly. With the right stance, even if the bully is more experienced or powerful, they will have trouble doing any harm. 

3. Guards

Teaching your kids the different types of BJJ guards can help them take down opponents easily and effectively, even if they are not as big or strong as their opponents. This can give them an advantage and enable them to apply different BJJ techniques to submit their opponents or get out of a tough situation.

4. Escapes

To ensure your child is protected from harm in a street fight, teaching them how to escape an unfavourable position is important. Bullies can use different holds and chokes to gain an advantage, but if your child knows how to escape properly, they won’t be at risk of being injured. 

Familiarize your child with the three types of escapes: from the back mount, side mount, and triangle chokes. Encourage them to practice each type of escape regularly so they can quickly and effectively respond to any holds against them and then use that opening to counterattack.

5. Headlock Defense

Headlocks are a common move used in street fights. Teaching your kids how to defend themselves against headlocks is important, and this is something they can learn in a BJJ class. If you’re teaching them at home, it’s essential to make sure they know how to avoid and escape headlocks.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is an effective self-defense martial art for children. It helps kids to understand how to defend themselves against bullies. The five techniques mentioned in this article provide a strong foundation for children to build their self-defence skills. 

With practice and proper instruction, these techniques can be used to help protect children from bullies. It is important to remember that BJJ is not a form of aggression but rather a form of self-defence. With the right guidance and instruction, children can develop the confidence and skills they need to defend themselves in difficult situations.

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