Why Stamina Plays a Big Role in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is growing around the world, but what is it? It’s a way to take down your opponent – no matter their size or strength. In Canada, many gyms offer classes for people who want to learn the art of BJJ. It also comes with physical demands – including speed, strength, and flexibility. Stamina is key for all practitioners.

Let’s explore what role stamina plays in BJJ and how crucial it is for all practitioners.

1 – Faster Progression

The more you work out, the more you will progress. The more progress you make, the more you will improve. It’s a simple formula, but it’s true. BJJ is a sport that requires you to have a lot of physical endurance and stamina. You need to be able to complete the training program for each class.

2 – Heightened Fitness

BJJ is a full-contact sport. This means that your opponent is trying to throw you on the ground, use their body weight to keep you down, and eventually submit you. However, you’re also trying to do the same thing to them. BJJ takes place in a variety of positions and situations, so you need to be prepared for any situation. That’s why you need to have good stamina at all times – because you never know what your opponent is going to do.

3 – Mental Focus

BJJ is a sport where you will constantly be put in situations where you need to call on your mental reserves. Stamina is key here. You need to get over any mental thoughts of quitting and keep going. BJJ won’t stop, so you can’t either.

4 – More Strenuous Training

You need the mental focus and good stamina to excel in BJJ. These two qualities will enable you to push yourself harder and harder. The more you train, the better you’ll become. It all starts with having a good base. If you don’t have a good base, then you’re definitely not in good shape.

5 – Increased Coordination

For those who want to learn BJJ, it’s important to have coordination. You need to be able to understand what your opponent is doing and what moves to make in response. That’s why stamina and coordination go hand-in-hand.

6 – Improved Speed

BJJ is a sport that requires a lot of strength and speed. You need to be able to move your body around quickly and effectively to get the right positions to throw your opponent. Stamina is key here.

7 – Less Fatigue

BJJ requires a lot of physical skills. You need to be able to quickly maneuver your body without losing speed. That’s why stamina is so important. It keeps you from losing your speed.


Overall, stamina is a huge factor in BJJ. This martial art is designed to push you to your physical limits, so you need to be able to keep going. Whether you’re just starting out in BJJ or are already a seasoned practitioner, this sport requires a lot of stamina. Learning how to train your body to get better and better is critical to your success.

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