3 Submission Attacks from Mount to Add to Your BJJ Arsenal

Submission attacks from the mount are an essential part of any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) arsenal. These submissions, when used correctly, can be very effective at either submitting an opponent or, at the very least, controlling their movement. Furthermore, depending on the situation, submission attacks from the mount can be used as a form of self-defence. In this article, we will discuss various submission attacks from the mount, giving tips on when and how to use them effectively.

1. S-Mount Armbar

The S-Mount Armbar is an effective submission attack used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is a powerful submission technique that is often used to force opponents to tap out or to set them up for other submission attacks. To perform an S-Mount Armbar, the practitioner must first gain control of the opponent’s arm while in mount. This can be accomplished by a variety of techniques, such as a cross-collar grip, an overhook, or a deep half-guard. Once the practitioner has control of the arm, they can maneuver their legs to reinforce their control, trapping the arm in place.

By arching their back, the practitioner can apply pressure to the opponent’s elbow and shoulder, putting them in an uncomfortable position that can make it difficult for them to escape. If the practitioner is able to maintain the position, they can force the opponent to submit or set them up for other submission attacks.

2. Americana

The Americana is one of the most simple yet effective submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It originates from Judo and remains mostly unchanged from its original form. The Americana is a shoulder lock which involves controlling the wrist and elbow of the opponent. This attack is especially effective against opponents who are larger and stronger than the attacker, as the leverage generated by the Americana helps the attacker maintain control by using two of their arms against one of their opponent’s arms. The Americana is a submission that many BJJ practitioners will learn on their first day and will continue to use throughout their time in the sport.

3. Monoplata

The Monoplata is a submission attack originating from the mount position in BJJ. It can be used as a devastating finishing move if done correctly, as it puts pressure on the opponent’s neck and shoulder area. This attack involves the attacker trapping one of the opponent’s arms with their legs and then using the other arm to apply a shoulder lock. This can be done by either trapping the opponent’s arm between the attacker’s legs or by wrapping their legs around the arm and trapping it against their own body. The shoulder lock is then applied by the attacker’s arm while they press their hips into the opponent’s shoulder.

The Monoplata is a powerful submission move and can be used in both Gi and No-Gi BJJ. It is important to remember to maintain proper control of the opponent’s arm to ensure the submission is successful. Additionally, the attacker should strive to keep their hips as close to the opponent’s shoulder as possible in order to maximize the pressure. With proper practice, the Monoplata can be a great addition to your BJJ arsenal.

Final Thoughts

Submission attacks from mount are an essential part of any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu arsenal. They provide a great opportunity to secure a dominant position, control your opponent, and finish the fight. With practice and proper execution, submission attacks from mount can be devastatingly effective.

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