• Arrive 10 minutes early prior to any scheduled class. Check in with your Zen Planner App you can install on your phone, or you can check in with the iPad provided at the desk.
  • If you arrive early and another class is going on, please keep voices down, and no rolling or training on the mats while another class is being conducted, unless you have permission from the Instructor ahead of time to do so.
  • Bowing when entering and leaving the mat is traditional and respectful.
  • Immediately greet the Instructor when entering the mats.
  • Acknowledge the instructor when leaving class and they always appreciate a thank you.
  • When the instructor calls for line up or for the class to start, do so quietly and quickly.
  • Listen carefully and quietly to all instructions given on and off the mat, and please try to practice what was demonstrated.
  • Do not talk while the instructor is showing techniques.
  • In case you want to help another student with less experience, please let your professor know before you start.
  • Respect all of your Instructors and training partners equally.
  • Do the instructed warm-up (unless you are unable to perform some of the exercise due to physical limitations and then you can do a modified warm up). If unsure, ask instructor what can be done in replace of such exercise.
  • Remove all jewelry. You can injure yourself, teammate or damage the mats.
  • To avoid injury do not wear socks on the mats.
  • If you must leave the mat for anything, get permission first. When you have questions, raise your hand and wait until the Instructor calls on you.


  • At the start of class time your child is expected to have their gi (bottom and top on) with belt. IF they are old enough (6+), they should be learning to tie the belt themselves. This is something they can learn to practice at home. For the first few times the Professor will help them.
  • When class starts, the professor will let them know when they can take a break for a drink, usually after the warm-up. If they want a drink outside of that they are to raise their hand and ask the instructor.
  • It is not uncommon for children to cry from time to time in class as they get use to the pressure, etc. Please let the professor and assistant deal with the situation first hand. IF we feel a parent needs to be involved, we will let you and the child know. This is the time you entrust with us to help your child grow and overcome their fears. Please let us do our job. Sometimes they cry because they lost a fight, or have a small injury, this is a time for them to learn to lose and reflect and a time for their teammates to comfort them. We would like the parents be there to presence the improvement of the kids, but please let the Professor give the tips and directions when they are sparring; many voices and many different information only will make your kid confused.


  • Students must understand and respect the hierarchy within the Martial Arts. You must know your place on the mat. The longer you have trained or the higher your belt rank, the more seniority you have.
  • When rolling on the mats, be spatially aware. Be aware of other people on the mat. If you bump into them rolling, you have the obligation to move before the higher ranking belt does.
  • Never ask a higher belt to spar with you. It is extremely disrespectful. If they roll, they will ask you to roll with them. Or wait for the professor to partner you up with a training partner.
  • When rolling with higher ranking belts be respectful, this is not a “fight” but an opportunity to learn.
  • Always let your instructor and program director know if you expect a lengthy absence from classes.
  • Always let your instructor and program director know if you are sick, injured or have a contagious skin infection.
  • Students must put cell phones on vibrate or silent mode. If you must take a call please take it to a place or outside, so as not to disrupt the class or parents watching.
  • No eating on the mats. All drinks inside the academy must have a cap. No open containers.
  • No foul language will be tolerated, be mindful of age within earshot of your conversations.
  • Be mindful of your appearance. Be clean and neat. Long hair must be tied back. Toe and finger nails trimmed and clean. Feet and hands must be clean.
  • Wear a clean, fresh smelling Gi, the students that show up with smelly gi’s will be asked to change or rent one of our rental gi’s, preserve your and your training partners health.
  • Do not use the bathroom in bare feet; this will transfer over to the mats and cause potential for skin infections.
  • If you bleed on the mat, clean it up. There is cleaner provided. Use a paper towel and dispense immediately.
  • If you are tend to be an excessive sweater, bring your own towel and wipe up your sweat to avoid someone slipping.
  • If you are an excessive sweater, and are doing 2 classes in a row, and your clothing is drenched in sweat, your training partner wouldn’t object to you to changing into fresh shirt at minimum and fresh gi.
  • Wash your Gi or training clothes in between classes. A tip; Do not leave sweaty clothes inside of your bag overnight or several days in between classes. The smell is hard to get rid of.
  • Purchase any gear or equipment through the academy before taking your first class. Sales must be paid in full at the time order is placed, even if items are back ordered and paid in cash.
  • Read the newsletters emailed out to keep up to date on upcoming events, any changes, etc. and if you do social media like our FB page, as notices, pictures, techniques, parties, schedule changes, etc. are posted there as well. We also encourage you to be friends on FB with other teammates.

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