5 Life-Empowering Values Children Can Learn from Martial Arts

While many might assume that martial arts teach children how to fight, that isn’t the only thing they learn. Of course, they learn basic fighting skills for various purposes, whether for self-defence or competitions. However, values are also taught in martial arts that can be applied to essentially every aspect of the child’s life. This can help them grow into respectable and responsible adults that allow them to go far in life.

That being said, here are the values that children can learn from martial arts and apply in life:

1. Confidence

The first thing that a child learns in martial arts is how to be confident in themselves and their abilities. They learn that they can accomplish a great deal with a strong mind, body and spirit and that they don’t need to worry about other people doubting them.

Confidence is one of the keys to success, and many people believe that martial arts are a great way to develop it. After all, being in a martial arts class teaches children to practice and get better at various skills. They learn new moves and techniques that help them develop and become more confident in their abilities. This confidence can spill over into other parts of life as well.

2. Discipline

Martial arts teach children to respect a significant value called discipline. It is the cornerstone of learning anything, and in martial arts, it is no different.

Discipline is what helps martial arts students learn the necessary techniques and skills they need to succeed. They learn how to train and how to practice, even when they might not feel like it. They learn self-control, good judgement, and how to focus most of their energy on their goals.

For example, in martial arts classes, children are taught to respect their teachers and the space they’re in. They learn to listen to their instructors and do what they’re told. When they’re in class, they know that they’ve got to focus on their lessons and do what they need to succeed.

3. Respect

Respect is another essential value in martial arts that can be applied to life in general. Children are taught the importance of respecting their teachers and their classmates. They learn the idea of respect for others and the importance of it.

Martial arts teaches children to be respectful of themselves as well. They learn that by taking care of themselves, they’ll respect their own bodies. They learn to value themselves and to respect and appreciate their own efforts.

4. Teamwork

Everyone in a martial arts class is considered a team player. While each student is ultimately trying to improve themselves and their own skills, they’re also supporting each other to get better.

Children learn to work with others, learn from each other and encourage each other. They learn the importance of teamwork and supporting one another. They learn that they can get much further together than they can alone.

5. Self-control

Of course, martial arts are also a place where children learn to control themselves. After all, they can’t always behave in a way that’s acceptable. They’re still children, and sometimes, they get emotional and need help calming down.

Martial arts provide the space for them to safely experience the learning of self-control. They learn to control their own emotions, and they learn to control their movements and behaviours. They learn how to use their strength and power to accomplish what they need to without harming anyone else.


As you can see, martial arts have a lot of benefits for children, and not just fighting skills for various purposes. They help them to develop skills and values that can be applied to many aspects of their lives. Before long, they’ll be successful and happy, having learned to handle the world around them when they finally grow into adults.

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