How Long Does it Take to Master BJJ Techniques?

One of the most difficult parts of learning a new martial arts style is figuring out how long it will take you to learn the techniques. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in particular, is just like any other sport where developing your technique will take some time and practice. If you’re considering learning BJJ, this guide should help you learn how long it would take for you to transform from a beginner to a well-rounded BJJ fighter.

What does it take to learn BJJ?

Anyone who has ever attempted to learn a martial arts style or a new hobby, such as playing an instrument or driving a car, knows that it can be a little challenging to figure out how long it will take you to learn.

The same rule applies to BJJ.

To give you an idea of how hard it is to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, consider this:

BJJ is a martial art that consists of many different positions, where your opponent is trying to submit you, usually by applying a choke or joint lock.

Learning BJJ can require a  tremendous amount of flexibility and a high level of physical fitness.

Learning BJJ Techniques

When you start your BJJ journey, you’ll be learning how to defend against your opponent’s attacks with moves such as:

  • Breaking Holds
  • Sweeping your Opponent’s Legs
  • Submission Moves
  • Getting up from the Ground

How Long Does it Take for Beginners to Learn BJJ?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a very popular martial art that has been taught as a sport and a form of self-defense. It is well known for its ground fighting techniques, which can be a great way to defend yourself against an attacker. There are many beginner BJJ classes available at different locations across the globe.

One of the most difficult aspects of learning any martial art is the curve it takes to get good at it. It is hard for even the most talented to learn BJJ in a short amount of time due to its intricate nature. The more you practice, the better you become at it. While you may be able to learn the basics of BJJ in under a year, it will probably take you ten or more years to become a black belt.

The quick answer to the question of how long it takes to learn BJJ is that it depends on your motivation and how much time you are willing to put into it. If you can commit the time and effort necessary to learning BJJ, then you should be capable of learning the basics within a year.

How Long Does it Take to Learn BJJ at a Black Belt Level?

When it comes to becoming a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, most people will only achieve that goal after approximately 8-10 years. That’s an extremely long time, and not a great deal of people will be able to devote that amount of time to training. However, if you do manage to get the necessary 1,000+ hours of training, you’ll likely be a reasonably good BJJ fighter right around the time you get your black belt.


So there you have it. Now you know that learning BJJ should take a couple of years, depending on your skill level and ability to practice. Of course, if you’re really trying to learn and practice as hard as you can, you may find yourself becoming a formidable fighter in no time.

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