Choke Variation from Closed Guard

Closed Guard is one of the positions you will find yourself in when on the bottom. It is important to still be active while on the bottom and find a way to either sweep your opponent to gain top position again or submit them from your guard. In this video, Master Marcus is showing you […]

Side Control to a Shoulder Lock

Side Control to a Tight Shoulder Lock! See if you can see the finer details of this move. As a result of Master Marcus sliding his hand just above the opponent elbow, he was able to bend the arm to be able to grab his own Gi.  Can you see how he moves his body […]

Technique of the Week! Side Mount Escape

Check out this week’s Technique of the Week!  Master Marcus demonstrates how to escape from an opponents Side Mount. Want to learn more?  Join our Team!  Contact us Today for your FREE TRIAL, with Canada’s Only 8th Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master, Marcus Soares Follow and Connect with Us! Facebook | Instagram |