Qualities to Look For in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Numerous aspects affect a learning experience, whether you seek to start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and are looking for the qualities that make a good instructor. This article will help you identify traits you should watch out for in your instructor. Read on.

Good Technique

Your instructor should know what they are saying. Ideally, they should be a black belt, but in some cases, you may discover exceptional instructors with a brown or even purple belt.

If they do not know more than the basics, you may find it challenging to become a skilled grappler. The best lecturers often have a good grasp of the finer points, making their work easy to understand.

Because BJJ is sometimes a game of inches, more experienced practitioners can benefit greatly from studying the intricacies of the art. As a result, they should only teach if they have plenty of expertise and experience. 

Listening Skills

Unfortunately you could find a BJJ teacher who hurries through things and does not pay attention to what the pupils say. For example, if someone asks a question and the teacher is too arrogant to respond, or if the technique is overly rushed. You should decide to find an instructor that pays attention to students and learns from them. 

Being alert is perhaps a more general term for this. Your instructor should be checking to see if you are truly practicing the motions. Again, if the instructor fails to do this, it suggests that they are uninterested in the subject. 


It is always a good idea to have a teacher who is patient with students. There may be diverse challenges in teaching a martial art, so it pays to learn from an instructor who possesses this quality. 

It is already a given that some people are slow to learn, and your instructor should accept this truth. They should keep in mind that learning BJJ may not be easy for newcomers.

Proficient Explaining

It is one thing to be a master of a technique, but it is another to teach it well. Instructors may think about making their own decisions, but they should have a different ability to explain these to others in a way that students can clearly grasp.

A BJJ instructor should make a concerted effort to master the art of explaining. This is not a verbal remark but also a physical one. Instead of demonstrating a motion, explain why and how it works. 

The goal of further explaining a technique is to get people thinking about BJJ in a fluid and conceptual way. When enhancing the minds of pupils as they grow and develop, it will have a stronger impact on their lives.


Lastly, you may hear a lot about people leaving gyms because they are fighting with their teacher. It does not matter how good the other traits on this list are if the instructor is nasty and has an unpleasant personality. Watch out for BJJ instructors with an inflated ego, one who takes it out on their students.

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