The BJJ Belt System: Understanding the Mindset of Each Belt

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that has gained immense popularity worldwide. The sport requires a lot of dedication and hard work, and the BJJ belt system is a testament to that. 

The BJJ belt system is an important part of the sport, and it is essential to understand the mindset of each belt. This article will discuss the different belts in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ranking system and their significance.

White Belt

The white belt is the starting point of the BJJ belt system. It is the first step in a BJJ practitioner’s journey. The white belt represents a beginner, and the mindset of a white belt is all about learning. 

A white belt must learn basic techniques, positions, and submissions. It is a time to absorb as much knowledge as possible and to develop the right habits that will be carried forward in their journey. The white belt is a time to develop the essential foundation for the rest of the BJJ journey.

Blue Belt

The blue belt is the next step in the BJJ belt system. It is a significant milestone in the journey of a BJJ practitioner. The blue belt represents the start of the intermediate level. The mindset of a blue belt is focused on refining techniques and developing a game plan. 

A blue belt is expected to develop its own style and is presented with more complex positions and submissions. The blue belt is about developing a deeper understanding of BJJ and developing a solid foundation.

Purple Belt

The purple belt is considered the advanced level in the BJJ belt system. It is a significant achievement and represents a high level of skill and knowledge. The mindset of a purple belt is about mastering the art of BJJ. 

A purple belt is expected to be able to adapt to any situation and develop a broad range of techniques. The purple belt is a time to focus on refining techniques, developing a game plan, and competing in tournaments. It is about gaining experience and becoming comfortable with the techniques learned.

Brown Belt

The brown belt is the last step before attaining the coveted black belt. It is a time to refine and perfect techniques. The mindset of a brown belt is about developing expertise in BJJ. 

A brown belt is expected to have a deep understanding of BJJ and be able to teach others effectively. It is a time to focus on techniques’ finer details and develop a unique style. The brown belt is a time to prepare for the next level and to continue to compete in tournaments.

Black Belt

The black belt is the ultimate goal of every BJJ practitioner. It represents mastery of the art of BJJ. The mindset of a black belt is about giving back to the community and teaching others. A black belt is expected to be a role model and continue developing their skills. It is a time to focus on the legacy that will be left behind and to contribute to the growth of BJJ.


The BJJ belt system is an essential part of the sport, and each belt represents a different mindset. It is critical to appreciate the mindset of each belt to develop a roadmap for the BJJ journey. The BJJ journey is long and arduous, demanding a lot of dedication and hard work. The BJJ belt system is a testament to the effort and commitment required to master this martial art.

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