Marcus Soares Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Marcus Soares is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was one of the main instructors at the World Famous Carlson Gracie Academy until he moved to Canada in 1997.

Since he arrived here in Vancouver, he formed a dedicated group of students and after a few months of training he built a very strong team which has dominated competitions in British Columbia and Washington State, USA.

Carlson Gracie Team Canada BJJ

Marcus’s students always perform well in the Worlds, Pan-Ams, and all the other major tournaments in the USA and Canada. Whether your intention is to be an active competitor, improve your physical condition or simply learn the art for self defense, come learn what our program has to offer to enhance your life on and off the mats.


Class Structure

Our adult classes are 2 hours long and are generally divided in to 3 segments:

  • 30 Minutes Warm-up
    Regular conditioning will get you into shape and help avoid injuries.
  • 45 Minutes of Q&A and Techniques
    Only with a solid knowledge of the basic techniques you will understand the amazing functionality of the leverages of BJJ.
  • 45 Minutes of Sparring or “Rolling”
    Sparring is where you apply what you learned during the lesson.


30 Minutes of Warm-up

Marcus’s warm-ups are known to be very challenging. He has designed the warm-ups to build on strength, cardio and flexibility for the student to become a more efficient fighter. Marcus Soares has developed a warm-up work out that will push the limits and make you become not only a better fighter but better shape overall.

Marcus and Carlson Gracie philosophy has always been that you should be in better shape than your opponent and Marcus teaches his class to be the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter you can be by pushing the limits of a person to be in better shape mentally and physically.

Marcus believes that a dedicated competitor should do additional cardio; the class warm-up, although very tough, is not enough.  Both aerobic and anaerobic training should be included. Marcus used his university degree in physical education degree to develop this exercise routine.

The exact sequence changes from day to day, and there are many variations and different exercises to keep the workout fresh. He makes sure that every workout challenges every part of the body. Even though the warm ups are challenging everyone should go at their own pace and only push themselves when they feel fit.


45 Minutes of Q&A and Techniques

One thing that you will never get from any other Jiu-Jitsu club is Marcus’ knowledge of the sport. In Brazil and the Jiu-Jitsu world he is known as the Encyclopedia of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Being the highest ranking Carlson Gracie student today, Marcus can answer any question that you have, no matter what situation you describe.

You can ask about positioning, submissions, offenses, defenses, strategies, etc. and Marcus will demonstrate your question step by step, simplifying the learning process for the student. Marcus’ knowledge in BJJ is second to none, and his teaching methodology will help the student’s skills to improve at a fast pace.


45 Minutes of Sparring or “Rolling”

After practicing techniques comes the open sparring. This is where you get to try the techniques you learned at your own pace, the students with more experience will always help the students with less experience. There is no restriction as everyone gets to fight everyone no matter what belt you are.

You can go as hard or as light as you want but to become a better fighter you need sparring practice. The sparring time is when the students will start to apply the techniques that they learned, get the co-ordination and timing, get familiar with the different reactions of their training partners and learn how to be at least one step ahead of your opponent. The sparring time is your laboratory, where you will test all the little details of each technique.

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Our Instructors

Our professional instructors have been developed to offer the highest quality of instruction. Every member of our instructor’s team is approachable, caring, and possesses a true love for teaching martial arts. After taking just a few lessons, you will see why Marcus Soares is the best Canadian choice to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Marcus Soares is the best instructor in Vancouver and the most experienced BJJ teacher in Canada. He is the only 8th degree BJJ black belt teaching in Canada and has over 44 years experience teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. No other grappling, submission or MMA instructor in Vancouver or Canada has the knowledge, expertise and valuable teaching experience that Marcus Soares has.

Marcus was one of the original students of Carlson Gracie and a first generation fighter in Brazil. He was a direct student of Carlson Gracie who is widely regarded as one of the best BJJ and Vale tudo (no holds barred) figthers in history.

If you want the best, most effective and authentic BJJ training please contact us to schedule your free trial classes with Marcus Soares.